SOMETHIN BOUT A GIRL (Official Music Video)

Cam Scott – Somethin Bout a Girl

Music video by StoryWorks (C) 2014 Cam Scott, New Zealand

Produced by FX Productions in Brisbane, Australia, ‘Somethin Bout a Girl’ is an up-beat,
summer tune that delivers the romantic notion of country, with a catchy, pop tempo.
The lyrics illustrate the sass of the wholesome girl that can still hold a mans attention in
the distracting world of flesh and sex appeal.
Shot amongst the mountainous grandeur of the Queenstown-Lakes, the music video for the
debut single was produced by StoryWorks alongside acclaimed DOP, Ben Ruffell, who bring
the story to life featuring beautiful temptation on the journey to the ultimate party aboard a
multi-million dollar super yacht.

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Production : StoryWorks (

DOP : Ben Ruffell (

Hair / Make Up : Collective Hair

Wardrobe : Nemo Workroom

Management : Perriam Entertainment Group

Thanks to the Garston Hotel & Pacific Gem